American Hospital Association Schedule H Project

The American Hospital Association is urging hospitals to share a copy of their 2011 Schedule H form filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Schedule H collection is critical to help support AHA advocacy efforts for needed improvements to Schedule H and to oppose any changes to the form or tax exemption that would negatively impact hospitals. The AHA is working with tax-exempt specialists at Ernst & Young (E&Y) to collect and analyze this information.

Through April 15, 2014, hospitals required to complete Schedule H as part of the IRS’ Tax Form 990 can email, fax or mail their 2011 Schedule H filing using the contact information provided below. Each participant in the project will receive a benchmark report that compares key metrics of your reported community benefits against three similar hospital types of your choosing. We anticipate that these reports will be released by the end of May, 2014. No participants’ names or identities will be included in any report.

If you have also filed your 2012 Schedule H, you can send that as well. The results of the 2012 analysis will be available in late Fall, 2014.

How to Submit Your Schedule H
When sending your Schedule H, please include the following information, including which hospital type(s) you would like to compare your Schedule H with in your customized benchmark report:

Email, fax or mail your 2011 Schedule H (and 2012, if available) with the information above by April 15, 2014 to:

Ken Nagle
c/o Ernst & Young LLP
1101 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: (866) 393-7007

If you have any questions about the AHA Schedule H Project, please contact Maureen Mudron at (202)626-2301 or or contact AHA Member Relations at (800)424-4301. If you have any questions about sending your submission to EY, please call Ken Nagle at (202) 327-6409 or e-mail at

Again we appreciate your interest in participating in this important project.